Beige Hula Girl Camp Shirt

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The pin-up girl has held a place in popular culture since the late 19th century, but most noticeably as a symbol of beauty, rebellion and femininity since the 1940’s. With significant origins in wartime advertisement during the second world war, pin-ups were cleverly utilized to boost morale, but also gained widespread popularity in product advertisement, services and film. Though the 50’s and 60’s saw the development of subcultures and a shift in societal norms, the pin-up always embodied the positive promotion and reinforcement of self expression, nonconformity, individual beauty and sexuality. Much like these guiding ideals, our homemade Bather pin-up print showcases definitive characteristics with some unconventional twists; beauty is whatever you want it to be!

We’ve been perfecting the classic silhouette of our Camp Shirt for some time, making it the ideal shirt to wear all summer long and without making it look like your uncle's typical vacation tee. Fits true to size. 

  • 65% Cotton, 35% Viscose
  • Open Collar
  • Front Pocket
  • Made in Canada