<b>SS19 Style Guide</b>

SS19 Style Guide

We're done counting down the days 'til Summer. Summer starts now...kind of. With Spring just around the corner and imminent signs of post-winter ha...

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<b>Pattern Play: French Toile</b>

Pattern Play: French Toile

At first glance, French Toile fabrics just looks like various images of blue on white that give off the feeling that it belongs in your grandmother...

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<b>Pattern Play: Tie Dye</b>

Pattern Play: Tie Dye

The word 'Hippie' probably comes to mind when you think tie-dye. Although there's some merit there, the history of tie dye goes far beyond the....

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<b>Resort 2019</b>

Resort 2019

Toronto, ON — November 12, 2018 — With vacation season on the horizon, Toronto-based surf and swim brand Bather is excited to announce the release ...

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<b>Style Guide: Keep It Solid</b>

Style Guide: Keep It Solid

Sometimes the best Bather to wear as shorts is one that's your favourite solid colour. Bather's Swim and Surf Trunks come in a variety of solid col...

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