Bather Sessions: Live from 450 Dufferin Street

In July, we hosted our first ever Bather Sessions event at our Toronto Flagship. The concert was an intimate setting, filled with good conversation, cold drinks and live music featuring Benja, Elissa Mielke and Jahmal Padmore. A huge thank you to the artists and everyone who came out to enjoy the event.

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Benja: A prismatic tour, a lo-fi mist, an open experiment: Benja blends bedroom-infused indiepop with the soulful production of R&B. Like the best of eclectic visions, the Toronto-based guitarist pulls from a variety of sourcebooks. Benja’s dexterity takes many forms: he’s backed up Bad Bad Not Good, Jonah Yano and Joseph of Mercury, and is finishing up production on the forthcoming K’naan album. He’s also on a writing streak: “I usually build instrumentals first, then lyrics flow from there. For me, it’s about processing the world through sound.” With two solo EPs in the works, the guitarist and up-and-coming producer is operating on a number of magnetic frequencies.

Instagram: @benjabenja___

Elissa Mielke: Elissa Mielke is a singer/songwriter and composer from Dundas, Ontario. Her secular hymns tell the story of someone finally ready to tell her own story – lush and powerful —with evocative vocals that hold you close and tell you off, sometimes at the same time. Last year her first EP release received acclaim from Pitchfork and Rolling Stone and her new project “Mouse” comes out this August.

Instagram: @elissamielke

Jahmal Padmore: Toronto native Jahmal Padmore is a singer/songwriter and drummer whose deeply contemplative R&B ballads are self-critical more often than celebratory.

Instagram: @jahmalpadmore

Check out our video recap of the event below and be sure to head over to our Instagram @bather for more. To watch the full event, click here.

Photography by Joel Rodney Evangelista

Videography by Bryan Hernandez, Alex Sadowski and Miguel Pulido