Community: Meet Gabe from The Wandering Wit

For most, punk rock and the Arts and Crafts movement may not have a lot in common. However, the similarities of rebellion, nonconformity and the do-it-yourself attitude radiated from both of these unassuming counterparts. Our Resort ‘22 campaign features a few of our friends who embody the unapologetic and individualistic. These artists, musicians, designers and tastemakers prove that bending the rules isn’t all that bad, especially when you embrace yourself.

Introduce yourself and describe what you do.

My name is Gabe. I design and do the production for TWW.

How did you get started and why did you choose the industry/career you’re in?

I started by making hats and altering clothes when I was younger and slowly built my foundation learning everything else as I got older. 

People devoted to the garment industry career-wise have always been around since I was a kid and it wasn't til later in my life I realized I wanted to learn from them. Feel that I've naturally just ended up here over time out of my own curiosity of asking why things exist.

The products you’re making are very unique and seem to pull inspiration from a few different periods in modern history. With an obvious emphasis on workwear, where are you finding inspiration these days?

I find it in the meaning of very mundane things and connecting timelines that are related to my upbringing as a person. I think there's a pressure in workwear to either carry tradition or do something insanely different but at the moment my aim is not to reinvent the wheel but to spot all the things we might've missed within it or elaborate more on a topic. 

What’s next? Anything cool you’re working on? 

I recently got kicked out of my studio building that I've been at for 4 years so I'll be working on settling into my new studio. All I've been working on lately is just trying to prepare all the necessary steps to scale the brand and doing research as to what the next couple collections are going to be about. 

Photographed by Nathan Legiehn

Check out Gabe and The Wandering Wit on Instagram at @thewanderingwit.

Gabe is wearing Bather’s Black Crewneck and Green Checkerboard Swim Trunk.