Excellent Adventures: Jordan Schmidt in Montauk

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi there, My name is Jordan Schmidt and I’m a photographer based out of NY. I love to adventure around the Northeast with my RZ and document all the interesting things out there. 

Give us some background on your trip - where did you go? Why there? 

For a few summers when I first moved to NY, I worked at a coffee spot out in Montauk, NY. I made so many great friends and memories out there that I love to come back and keep building on that. It’s such an interesting town situated on the very tip of Long Island. From the history with Andy Warhol and The Rolling Stones, to the beautiful bluffs and beaches it’s a fascinating place.

Where did you stay?

Luckily, I have some friends out east that’ll let me crash their guest room, so I had a spot right in town. If I wasn’t so fortunate, I would definitely stay at the Marram Hotel right on the water. One of my favorite places to grab a coffee and a medialuna.  

What are a few travel tips you can give people visiting Montauk as someone who frequents? 

If you’re coming to Montauk, it’s basically one road in and out. So it can get extremely congested, my recommendation is to travel early or late. And it’s one of those places where you can be around as many or as few people as you’d like, it’s a narrow peninsula with so many nooks and crannies to explore. Definitely take the time to explore them.

What advice do you have for tourists or people wanting to visit?

If you’re looking for a cheaper trip out east don’t sleep on the shoulder seasons! The spring can be hit or miss, but the fall is probably my favorite time out there. Stores are all still open and it’s half the crowd. The waves get better and the mood lifts with that first cool fall weekend.

Top 3 things to check out in Montauk (beaches, restaurants, attractions, monuments, etc.):

  1. Definitely see the lighthouse! It’s quick and easy, it’s the very end of the island. And the landscapes around are amazing.
  2. Stop through The Dock for lunch, a small and eclectic spot, right in the middle of the harbor. The tuna melt is always my go-to.
  3. And if there are waves, go down to ditch plains and get in the water for a little bit. It gets pretty crowded, but there’s a wave for everyone out there. And when you’re done you can refuel at Ditch Witch, a food truck parked right on the beach.

How would you describe your trip in five words:

Can we do this everyday?

Check out more work from Jordan via his Instagram or portfolio