Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Bather Holiday Gift Guide 

Shorter days mean less sunlight, and less sunlight means even less color. Take a look at any metropolitan street, and you’ll see nothing but black down jackets and winter slush. This set here is meant to inject some color into your wardrobe, and inspire you to start planning your next getaway. See our list of accompanying products that complement our latest Multi Gradient Swim Trunk.

Multi Gradient Swim Trunk, Our Legacy Shirt, Engineered Garments Bucket HatSuicoke Sandals, Kapital Jacket, Monocle Diffuser, Will Bryant Print, Aesop x MR PORTER, NYT Explorer Beaches

Bather Gift Guide for the Black Abstract Swim Trunks

Have you ever noticed that the most outlandish creators are often fitted in the simplest of wardrobes? This set is meant for the creative who enjoys a statement piece now and then, without compromising his ability to be comfortable. Sit back, kick your feet up, and take a trip with us at Bather. 

Black Abstract Swim Trunk, Levi's Vintage Clothing 1950's Hoodie Sorrel, Patagonia Atom Sling 8L Resin Yellow, Buddy Optical eis - Sunglasses - Matte Silver, Black Air Force 1 '07 Sneakers, GENERAL ADMISSION Take A Trip Towel Gold/Black, Andrew Watch Print

For our most discerning customer, the Deco trunk screams opulence without being in your face. Paired with sleek Common Projects Loafers, these trunks are perfect for the transition from the waves to the art gallery. The see-through toiletry case is further proof that this man isn’t afraid to show off. 

Multi Deco Swim Trunk, Common Projects Leather Loafers Black,AURALEE Super Kid Mohair Tie Dye Knit Pullover, Sasquatchfabrix. Off-White Paint Cap, Monocle See-through Travel Toiletry Pouch, Kinda Khalidy Prints, Weed: Everything You Want To Know But Are Always Too Stoned To Ask

A timeless staple, our Solid Swim Trunks come in various colors to satisfy whatever your color palette is. Rock your solids with a loud print like this shirt here from AWAKE NY, and go from the beach to the bar seamlessly. We threw in some accessories, to round out the outfit, and a Coveteur style guide that you might be in one day with an outfit like this.

Solid Yellow Swim Trunk, AWAKE NY Egyptian Button Down Shirt, Emanuele Bicocchi Necklace, The Factory Made - Ultrasuede Bucket Hat Gray, Stepney Workers Club Dellow Leather White, Casing Passport Wallet Black, Christian Chaize, The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style

Here at Bather, we’re constantly trying to push surf culture in the urban environment. Inspired by the rigorous waves of Japan’s coastline, this set was meant to get you out of the house and into the water and beyond. Spoil your favorite adventurer with any of these goodies here.  

Baby Blue Shibori Technical Surf Trunk, Gerber Dime Multi-Tool, Blue Japan Sun Eclipse Shibori Pocket Tee J4687 Indigo, Master-Piece Co Beige Link Roll-Top Backpack, The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small By Kath Stathers, Jean Julien Print, Filson Rugged Travel Kit