Pattern Play: Coastal Floral

Florals have been synonymous with swim and surf wear for as long as we can remember, typically reminiscent of tropical landscapes and exotic destinations far away. When designing this pattern, we took inspiration from souvenirs found in lush beachside huts and gift shops, and the sometimes questionable motifs of tiki bars to assemble this souvenir-style pattern. We wanted to make sure you had your very own pineapple when you’re under the sea (see what we did there). These trunks are guaranteed to win you “best outfit” at your next beach banquet or lūʻau. Available in RubyMidnightMulti and Fern.


Let’s take a trip back to Hawaii circa 1930. Tailors in Honolulu used the fabric of Japanese Kimonos combined with eccentric patterning to create a popular tourist item within the country. Enter the Aloha Shirt. This name was coined by Ellery Chun in 1931, who took inspiration from the plantation worker ‘Palaka’ shirt but with bright colours and patterns. Commonly called the “Hawaiian shirt” in American culture, this button-up provides its wearer with a joyful and bold fashion sense for the day. Now when the Aloha shirt is thought of, images like Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii come to mind. The Aloha Shirt reached its peak in the 1960s when tourism was at a steady high, and icons like John Wayne and Frank Sinatra inspired the resurgence of this iconic shirt.

Although, if you take Hawaii away from the Hawaiian shirt, you get an almost ironic and out-of-place intensity and allure to the garment. The distinctiveness of the pattern makes a statement throughout history and popular culture. Examples of this can be seen on Robert de Niro in Cape Fear, Al Pacino in Scarface, Brad Pitt in Fight Club, and even Jim Carrey in the Ace Ventura films. This shirt does not fit into a category as an anomaly in itself, so why not use the infamous patterning on swim shorts?

A collage of Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura, Robert DeNiro from Cape Fear, and Brad Pitt from Fight Club all wearing the Aloha shirt


The beloved Aloha Shirt pattern has influenced many staples in Bather's history. Inspired by early-day Bather apparel, our Coastal Floral pattern features similar repetition and detail in the form of island-inspired floral and pineapple patterning. It is up to you whether you will take the alluring approach to this bold pattern or keep it bright and timeless.

The pattern features detailed pineapples and coastal flowers that further maintain the Hawaiian vibe of these swim trunks. Though pineapples are not originally from Hawaii, they do hold great significance in the country and are even a symbol of hospitality, happiness, and welcome in the culture. Pineapples stand out. Whether in a fruit bowl, as a cocktail garnish, or even as a design choice, such as the Coastal Floral pattern.

There is a certain counter-cultural vibe to wearing an outgoing Hawaiian pattern. It sends a variety of messages, from laid-back to outgoing, candid to mysterious, or tourist to local. The Coastal Floral pattern allows anyone to feel comfortable in such a versatile pattern in its simple or multi-colour styles.

It may even surprise some to take a closer look at the pattern within the pineapple on these swim trunks.

A photo of the Bather red coastal floral swim trunks on top of a photo of the Hibiscus flower that this pattern is inspired by.