Pattern Play: Static Melt

We’ve encapsulated that nostalgic feeling as summer turns into fall into this staple pattern that is set to become the texture of the season. Reminiscent of the impressions waves leave on the sand as they come and go, the Static Melt will leave you with a nostalgic feeling of the summer past. 


Stripes, spots, hexagons, and waves, are some of the many patterns seen in nature. From the spiral of the Milky Way to the hexagonal tesselations of bees, we are engulfed in patterns in the natural world. These innate embellishments to our daily lives are often overlooked, but not by us. We admire beaches for their spontaneous ability to conjure patterns in our passing environments. With every passing of the waves and tides, abstract twists and tangles of seaweed emerge, mathematical spirals of sea shells, mosaics of sea glass, but the most overlooked: the intricately textured stripes left on the sand as waves melt away. 


Static Melt pays homage to the natural patterns around us and our love for the earth (and specifically, the beach). It’s these stripes that are left behind by waves on the textured sand that brought us the inspiration for this earthly pattern. We wanted you to have a print that reminds you of the summer, that you can sport in the winter. Go ahead and try these out with a fleece, maybe even a leisure shirt, and be amazed by the pattern’s adaptable ability!  This staple is available in Garnet, Teal, Linen, and Flint.