Pattern Play: Waterfall

Whether part of a pool, lake, or pond, waterfalls continue to be a captivating part of any natural or man-made body of water. Animating views with movement and sound, these eye-catching flows of water evoke a calming yet powerful energy for those that experience them. With our Waterfall Swim Trunk, we aim to evoke this same vitality through our design of an intricate waterfall landscape.


Occurring both naturally and man-made in environments, waterfalls are often used as a focal point in parks, hiking trails, and gardens. Whether tall and thunderous or gentle and subtle, each one is different and are always a pleasant surprise to see. Even within art and design, waterfalls are seen as a recurring subject. In Eastern art for example, waterfalls are meant to symbolize life, change, and abundance. More specifically, in the Chinese art of Feng Shui–a traditional practice which claims to govern the harmony between energy, or chi, and their surrounding environment–depictions of waterfalls in photographs and paintings are meant to symbolize an abundant flow of prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. As such, those that follow Feng Shui are advised to keep images of waterfalls in their homes and in their wallets to attract this flow and abundance.

On the other hand, in Western art, while waterfalls also remain a prominent focal point, they are instead meant to be observed from a more literal point of view than metaphorical. Seen mainly in portrayals of natural landscapes, waterfalls in Western art are more often than not used to depict historical stories or mere moments of natural beauty. For instance, one of the most famous waterfalls, the Niagara Falls, has been a consistent subject in Western paintings due to its natural beauty and history as a Canadian and American attraction. First discovered by the Indigenous, the Niagara Falls is not only powerful, but a major stepping stone to inventing hydroelectric power. 

Paintings of waterfalls by Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church

Besides art, waterfalls have also been considered to be sacred. According to Shinto, one of Japan’s major ancient religions, waterfalls are purifying and believed to be cleansing to one’s spirit and soul if bathed in. Called misogi, this cleansing was quite common during Shinto’s prime and was depicted in a lot of the artworks of its time. Apart from religion, waterfalls also remained important in literature and poetry where they were used to portray themes of power, openness, strength, and motion.

Two people under a waterfall practicing misogi.


In more recent times, waterfalls continue to be attractions for tourists and nature lovers. This remains evident with the many examples throughout the world where designers have integrated waterfalls in their work. The Falling Water house for example, built by Frank Lloyd Wright, has been credited as one of the most famous buildings to incorporate a waterfall. Built over a nine-metre high waterfall, the house is meant to make residents aware of the falls’ presence through the sound of its movement. With the pursuit of integrating humans, architecture, and nature, Falling Water has been named one of the most famous 20th century buildings and likely the “best all-time work of American architecture.” Another great example is the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore which features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Designed and built by Safdie Architects in April 2019, the falls sit at around 40 metres tall and pours down seven storeys from a window in the glass domed roof of the building.

Falling Water House and Jewel Changi Airport Waterfall

With people from around the world seeking a chance to see these spectacular attractions, it's no wonder we have gone so far as to adapt them in our homes. Celebrities like Channing Tatum, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashton Kutcher, and Dwayne Johnson are proud owners of waterfalls with features like pool-side waterfalls and infinity pools being designed and popularized throughout the last few decades. 

Our Pattern

With this natural hallmark continuing to be a prominent focal point in nature and design, it is no surprise that we are trying to replicate the same relaxation, beauty, and serenity with our Waterfall Swim Trunk. Coming in Lush Green, Lavender, and Cerulean Blue colourways, our swim trunk features a detailed design of a waterfall landscape and attempts to create a seamless blend between nature and modern fashion.

Bather Waterfall Swim Trunk