Made in Canada

When Bather launched back in 2013, we wanted to create swimwear that men could feel confident in both on and off the beach. But in order to feel confident, you need to be comfortable. To us, the first step to comfort was to get rid of the stigma of the ‘uncomfortable stretched mesh liner’. By developing an exclusive liner for our swim trunks that is incredibly soft and a high-quality polyester shell that dries incredibly fast, we’ve separated ourselves from the competition. No more chafing, no more leaving the beach soaking wet. In order to ensure that our product never strays from this goal, we needed to oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish. And that could only be accomplished with manufacturing our product minutes away from our office in Downtown Toronto.

For too many years, the fashion industry has been dominated by fast-fashion retailers who sacrifice quality for low costs, and luxury retailers whose prices don’t match the products' value. Since our launch, we saw a middle ground for the future of fashion and men's swimwear — a future where we could provide a quality product at a reasonable price, and where a product stands for fair and ethical working conditions. And that’s what we did, by placing "Made in Canada” at the forefront of our business right from the beginning.

For us, “Made in Canada” was important because we believe in the intrinsic value of a Canadian-made product — a product that supports the local economy and talent, and represents quality design and craftsmanship. When you buy local, you are enriching local communities and contributing to the solutions that address some of the industry's most common problems. In an industry category that has remained untouched for years, we hope to bring a new way of business, thinking, and innovation to the men's swimwear category.

Bather — Quality men's surf and swimwear made in Toronto, Canada

Bather Trunk Co. — Quality swim shorts and surf trunks for men made in Canada

Bather — Best Canadian-made surf trunks and swimwear and beach apparel